Billionaire Jim Clark’s Palm Beach house on sale for $95M

The price of the Billionaire Jim Clark´s Palm Beach house was slashed by $42M. Now is on sale for $95M.

Billionaire Netscape co-founder Jim Clark’s stunning Palm Beach house is on the market for $95 million, Page Six reports. The massive compound named Il Palmetto hit the market in 2016 for $137 million, making it the priciest listing in Palm Beach County and one of the most expensive homes in America at the time.

Now it’s back, after a $42 million price cut — but it’s still the most expensive new listing on Clark scooped up the the 1930s Italian Renaissance mansion for $11 million, according to Page Six, and then renovated extensively. The estate is on 5.5 acres, and includes a total of 10 bedrooms, a wine cellar with room for 20,000 bottles, and underground tunnel for direct beach access.

Source by Curbed Miami